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Private Personal Training Facility | Hudson Valley NY area

Strength For Life is a private personal training facility located in the Hudson Valley. We specialize in rehabilitative exercise, using state of the art MedX and Nautilus resistance training equipment. This allows our clients to have the best opportunity for success. Increasing their functional ability safely and efficiently. We emphasize attention to detail regarding important technical aspects of exercise in a private setting. Call or contact us today to discuss your training goals and to schedule an appointment.


Personal Training - The Strength For Life Difference

Small Private Training Facility
We want you to be as comfortable as you might be at home. Our private facility removes distractions from training, improves comfort level and increases concentration.
Accommodating Hours
We make every attempt to schedule your session at the most convenient time possible. Early morning, daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available.
To save you time and make your workouts as productive as possible, we emphasize the quality of the exercise session. We maximize your results in the minimum time necessary.
To save you time and make your workouts as productive as possible, we emphasize the quality of the exercise session. We maximize your results in the minimum time necessary.
No Crowds or Waiting
Your workout time is yours and yours alone. No waiting for a particular machine. People will not jump ahead of you and disrupt your workout.
Quality Supervision
Your personal trainer will be a
We monitor each repetition of every exercise to ensure proper form. We research health, fitness, and diet information and provide you with the information you need to exercise safely and productively. Our supervision provides ongoing motivation and consistency to help you achieve your full potential. We offer tailored, individualized instruction, not just general guidelines.
Our facility is filled with the best exercise equipment, and all of our private sessions are done completely one-on-one. We have seen that consistent exercise can make an amazing difference in a person's quality of life.
"The actions we take today affect how we live in the days to come."

Edward Schaeffer

Founder, Strength For Life


Meet the Team | Private Personal Trainers | Hudson Valley NY area

Edward Schaeffer Co-Owner_ - Strength For Life
Edward Schaeffer
Edward Schaeffer grew up in the Hudson Valley, and after graduating from Ketcham High School in 1984; he earned a Associate of Science degree in criminal justice from Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY. At the time of his graduation he was working in the antique business while creating a very small gym setting during his spare time. He began fitness training by instructing his family, friends, and co-workers gaining personal experience. He took many classes and acquired several industry certifications in personal fitness training. By way of a personal connection, Edward was informed of a fitness trainer position at Columbia University Medical School's athletic facility. He began working part time and within 6 months he was managing the athletic facility. Through his position at the University he continued to gain personal training experience by working with the medical and non-medical students that were in the health sciences program, as well as the faculty & staff. In addition to fitness training, he held a number of duties at the University, such as over-seeing the resident adviser program, representing the athletic facility and the housing department in University committee meetings, and day-to-day management of the athletic facility. During his tenure, he began acquiring fitness equipment with the hopes of opening his very own private studio. Starting his own business became his passion. After 3 years of managing the athletic facility at Columbia, he decided to begin working toward opening his own personal training facility.

Edward returned to Poughkeepsie, NY where he began working as a fitness trainer at the former All-Sport fitness center in Poughkeepsie. During his time at All-sport his role as a trainer became extremely important, as he was about to be a part of a groundbreaking program exclusive to the Hudson Valley – the MedX Healthy Back & Neck program. This program quickly became his main responsibility at All-Sport. While he had a hand in growing the program to become successful, he knew that he still wanted to own a private studio and run his own personal training programs. After 9 years at All-Sport, the time came for Edward to break away and take that “leap of faith”. He now owned enough equipment to begin offering to clients a one-on-one approach to physical health. He knew this approach would be better for his clients and himself.
In January of 2007 he opened the doors to Strength For Life Personal Training Service. Edward began to create an atmosphere that addresses the shortcomings of a large fitness center. He was able to help his clients understand how & why to exercise, and help them adopt a healthy lifestyle, and this is what will always drive him to be the best he can be.

Kate Chromey Co-Owner_ - Strength For Life -_
Kate Chromey
Kate grew up in the Hudson Valley, and after from graduating Our Lady of Lourdes high school in 1999 earned an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts at Dutchess Community College in 2002. She then studied for a year at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY, but found her calling through participating in an internship at US Athletic Training Center in Manhattan in 2003. She worked as a Physical Therapy Aide in Hyde Park, NY, and in 2005 enrolled in the Physical Therapy Assistant Program at Orange County Community College. Upon completing her degree in Applied Science in 2007, she passed the NYS board exam and began work as a Licensed PT Assistant at the office in Hyde Park that gave her the start. Her growing interest in Manual Therapy and Massage Therapy led her to The Hudson Valley School Of Massage Therapy, where she completed the Massage Therapy program in December 2009; she passed the NYS board exam in March of 2010. Massage opened up a new opportunity as a business owner, and she became a partner with Edward Schaeffer at Strength For Life in Poughkeepsie, NY, where the addition of Massage Therapy has expanded the services available. Kate began specializing in John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release in April of 2011. Exclusively practicing JFB MFR, Since 2011, Kate has taken 11 JFB seminars and continues to train directly under John F. Barnes.

Every day Kate works hard to run her shared business, and hopes to help it grow for many years to come.
Angelina Incorvaia ACSM Certified Personal Tr
Angelina Incorvaia
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Office Manager
Angelina holds a Bachelors degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Recreation and Fitness Club Administration that she received from Bridgewater State University in December of 2014. Following the completion of her degree she knew she wanted to continue to grow in the field of health and fitness. In November of 2016 she became an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. Then, Strength For Life has aided her in becoming Rock Tape Certified in FMT Basic, as well as becoming a Pn1 Certified Health Coach. Angelina works hard to stay up-to-date with all of the latest information in the fitness and nutrition field, as well as give her clients the best experience possible. She currently holds the position of Office Manager, Health Coach, and Personal Trainer at Strength For Life.
Dylan Chalmers_ - Strength For Life - Poughke
Dylan Chalmers
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Head Strength Trainer
Holds an A.S. degree in Exercise Science.
He has been the head Personal Trainer at SFL for the past 4 years.
He is also a competitive Bodybuilder.