Health Coaching

Are you tired of the same old diet plans that don't work or are you just looking to learn more about how good nutrition can help you? Get nutrition counseling that is catered just for you! No matter what your nutrition goal is, we can help.
Health Coaching / Nutrition Counseling

Why is good nutrition so important when exercising?
- Faster recovery
- Fat storage is minimized
- Increased energy levels

As you can see healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercise, but learning the ins-and-outs of eating right can be challenging, especially with all of the conflicting information out there.

Where do you begin? That’s what we are here to help with.
We don’t take that all or nothing approach like most other diet and nutrition plans do. Instead, we cater it to YOU! Just like everything else in life, nutrition plans can’t be “cookie-cutter”. They need to be designed just for your body and even more so for your lifestyle. You are unique, so shouldn’t your meal plan be?

Nutrition counseling sessions will include:
  • Goal Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Healthy Habit Development
  • Meal Planning
  • Weekly Email Support
  • Facebook Support Group

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Contact Strength For Life for nutrition guidance.
What Is Take Control?
It is a yearlong comprehensive online coaching program that addresses lifestyle and nutritional habits implemented through daily email contact.
What Do I Need?
A computer or phone with Internet access, an email address and 20 minutes a day.
I Have Dietary Restrictions - Can I Still Use The Program?
Yes, this program is designed for everyone, even those with special dietary needs.
Will I Be Given A Workout Plan As Well?
No. This program does not give you an exercise plan, but you may meet with one of our trainers to discuss the personal training options we offer here at Strength For Life.
How Do I Pay?
You will be set up with a monthly reoccurring payment plan of $125 per month.
Can I Cancel?
If you feel Take Control is not helping you achieve your goals, you may cancel. Provided that you give your Strength For Life coach notice prior to the end of the month.
How Is This Different Than Any Other Diet?
This isn't just some cookie-cutter meal plan that puts you in a caloric deficit so you can lose a couple pounds. This is a step-by-step program that builds upon itself to help you form new healthy habits. It brings awareness to your current habits so they can be recognized and then changed.

Client Testimonial:

"After struggling to lose weight Take Control has helped me lose 9 pounds in my first 8 weeks. It has helped me become much more aware of the behaviors that have held me back from the success I have desired. I would highly recommend Take Control to anyone who wants to improve their weight, and their health for the better."

Tim S. (LaGrange, NY - August 2016)